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was created in 2001 thanks to Lilau and Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot.

The story all began with a boundless passion for Nature and its curiosities. Even as a child, Pierre-Emmanuel used to keep insects and went out collecting fossils.
Over time, and as he traveled around, he started to put together a real 'Curiosity Cabinet' of his very own.
Very much in touch with fashion trends, his wife Lilau found a way of setting this passion within an interior design context.
Since then, their world has been enriched with a whole range of chairs, lamps, and machines that might have existed…
The company has grown, yet has still managed to keep this very curious, relaxed spirit. The new staff, from very atypical backgrounds, are continuing to nurture this concept by seeking out, inventing, and creating.

The history of Objet de Curiosité draws its inspiration from the passion of the extraordinary
Its world is a room of wonders in constant motion where quirkiness stands alongside magic in all its forms to wake the sleeping child in each of us.
The brand offers eclectic curiosities with a strong temperament to decorate the most unusual interiors through three themes: the living, the mineral and the decorative.


Our ornamental curiosities light up the most standard interior decoration by telling us travelling and exceptional men stories.
Straight lines, geometric shapes, sober shades and luxurious material turn into mirror-doors, precious clocks, wall plates and papers, majestic lamps, scientific objects and stylish furniture. Stamping a one-of-a-kind identity.


Our animal curiosities take you on a trip at the heart of nature with no pack needed. Coming from both sea and earth, they look so stunning and bizarre that they rejuvenate our homes. Corals and gorgons play together with shells while insects bask by wild animals’ and friendly skeletons’side.


Existing in a wide variety in nature, our mineral curiosities are the graphic stars of our interior designs.
Dare our semi-precious stones, fossils, ammonites and meteorites to create outstanding ultracontemporary projects.
They take us to dreams while remaining well in contact with their homeland. Feet on the ground and head in the stars.

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