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Wholeheartedly creating

We design all our products as we see fit and according to inspiring influence, whether they’re one-off specimens or produced in limited edition. As far as we’re creative people, we also love helping you design projects that turn interiors into magnificent settings.

Authentic genuine

All our materials are genuine and come from high quality reliable sources.
No imitation, no tricky finish, no subterfuge, no counterfeiting.
Everything is authentic.
What you see outside is what you get inside.

Real connoisseur only

Since we are passionate by nature and experimented experts, we target the highest standards of quality.
Our curiosities hunters keep increasing their networks to find the rare pearl and we keep working hard to design interiors reserved to connoisseur looking for intrinsic value.

Unique in the world

Coming from the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms, our one-off specimens are the fruits of our wonder trackers located all over the place. Their origin is certified and traceable through a dedicated certificate that is delivered with each of them. They all have in common to be one of a kind. Just as you are.

History stories

All our curiosities come from mankind, natural and life sciences.
We take another look at them to revisit their use at present. Roots in the past, projection in the future.

French touch

Our curiosities are created with love in the French Lyon's region.
No doubt that’s why they’re nonchalant and chic from head to toe!

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